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  • Knowledges on system modeling and classical control are very important for understanding flight mechanics and aircraft control. The class will be presented with systematic modeling techniques and various analysis methods such as transfer function, Nyquist plot, Bode plot, and root locus. We also learn the basic control system design using PID and other approaches. The basic theories on moden control in state-space are also introduced.

  • Special Lectures in Aerospace Engineering
    Build fundamental understandings in core technologies and issues in satellite and land mobile wireless communication systems.

  • The fundamental aerospace engineering concepts and approaches will be introduced through lectures. At the same time, the students are asked to perform LTA (Lighter than air) design projects, through which they will learn how to link the knowledge in the textbook to “real engineering world”.
  • Based on sound understanding of advanced elasticity, design considerations and analysis methods are covered in this course for airframes and some space structures like launch vehicles and artificial satellites.
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