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  • First semester course of calculus covering differentiation and integration of one variable functions.

  • This is a seminar course for freshmen and freshwomen. In this seminar we will discuss about mathematics and science involved in photography.
  • This is a course for differential equations and its applications designed for engineering students. This course is taught by several instructors, and the official homepage for the course in in the homepage of Department of Mathematical Sciences. The current site is the class homepage of the course given by Professor Dong Youp Suh.
  • Writing and speaking are fundamental activities of mathematical
    scientists. They write research papers, expository articles, notes, emails; they give talks, lectures, and work with colleagues. In today's globalized society, much of that writing and speaking is done in English, and it is therefore vital for graduate students in mathematics and related disciplines to be able to write and speak well in English. This is true for students who will work in academia as well as those who
    aim for industry.

    In this course, students will learn about mathematical writing and speaking. It is intended for graduate students and in mathematics and related disciplines who already have a good basic competence with writing and speaking English. Some advanced undergraduates may also find this course

    Topics will include: writing proofs, structuring papers, particulars of grammar and English usage for mathematics; voice usage in presentations and lectures, best practices for slides, chalkboard usage, and more! (Or perhaps less, if we run out of time.)
  • MAS575 Combinatorics, Spring 2009

    This is a graduate-level course on Combinatorics. Since the area of Combinatorics is so wide, we will study various theorems as well as useful methods for approaching combinatorial problems. It is strongly recommended that you have certain knowledge of materials covered in Discrete Mathematics (MAS275). Some elementary knowledge of graph theory and probability theory will be helpful.

    The following topics are currently being considered to be included in this course:

    • Extremal Set Theory
    • Ramsey Theory
    • Probabilistic Method
    • Linear Algebra Method

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