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  • 2012년 봄학기

    기술경영전문대학원에서 열리는

    ITM504 재무관리회계입니다

    (학과 전필 과목입니다)

  • This course is for students, with knowledge in major required courses, who want to study innovation in more depth. The students will study each contents of Introduction to Innovation Management in depth and read relevant papers to present/discuss with classmates every class. This will allow students to be familiar with the papers in the field of innovation and to practice presenting to fellow colleagues in academics.

  • This course attempts, in the context of global coexistence of various mixed economies (e.g. market-friendly, centralized and mixed), to describe and analyze why Asia’s economies come in the form as they exist today. To do so, this course will describe the status of technology policy, the history of technology policy, and institutions of the Asian economies. This course, ultimately, attempts to suggest future directions for Korean Innovation System by analyzing the effects of policies on entrepreneurial opportunities and the innovation ecosystem.

  • In this class, the students will gain information and technology management (ICT) foresights
    from many different perspectives: vendors, service providers, enterprises, end-users, and
    government. This means that the students will learn about not only the past, current and
    future technology trends, but also their impact on the businesses and users. The fundamental
    ICT concepts will be introduced in the class during the first-half of the class. In the secondhalf, many distinguished speakers from Computer Science Department, KARI, and KCI will be delivering lectures covering a wide range of topics in ICT and its applications. We believe that the best way to engage the students to learn and be excited about technology trends is through class projects, presentations, and class discussions. The class environment is informal and designed to encourage class participation through close interaction between instructors and students.
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