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  • This course introduces a new discipline of interaction between culture and technology.
  • Modern computer graphics has been a main driving force for many entertainment technology applications such as games, movies animations, and broadcasting. The development of the technology increases the production efficiency, improves the quality of the CG images, and further expands the scope of one's imaginations. This class will expose the students to the state-of-the-art technologies. The student will research on recent technical papers, do the presentations, and participate in free discussions to enrich the knowledge in computer graphics and to understand how the technology is utilized in various applications.
  • This course deals with both the theory and the practice of digital audio technology. Topics include the basic concepts of sampling, spectrum, sound analysis and synthesis, psychoacoustics, digital audio effects, audio engineering, and data mapping strategies for cross-modal displays as well. Students will learn how to utilize sound to create/understand information for science and art.
    Lectures will cover more theoretical issues, and will be complemented by hands-on tutorials and exercises featuring field experiments as well as step-by-step programming examples.
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