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  • 실질적인 박사 학위 연구와 논문과 관련하여 중요한 요소들에 대해 미리 고찰하는 수업. 특히 그룹 토론을 통해 발전 및 개선 방향 등에 대한 의견을 다른 박사과정 학생 및 교수와 공유하여 보다 rich 한 연구가 될 수 있는 방법에 대한 수업
  • In this digital era, people live in the world of rich multimedia contents such as movies, commercials, games, and UCC. These digital contents are no longer considered leisure items and becoming an integral part of human lives. The main technology that enables the creation of such contents is the computer graphics. With the rapid advancements in recent years, the computer graphics pushes the limit to achieve realism and efficiency that were never possible before. This class is designed to provide students with an introduction to the computer graphics technology. The fundamental concepts and basic algorithms will be explained and how they are applied to real world situations will be discussed.

  • This semester’s GCT731 explores the potential of sound as a new, innovative media, and covers the theory and the practice of sound technology. Topics include fundamental acoustics, psychoacoustics, sound analysis/synthesis, audio engineering, auditory display, and the latest developments in the field as well. Students will learn how to utilize sound and create/understand information for various applications.
    Lectures will feature not only theoretical issues but also hands-on sessions (e.g., guest lectures/demos by audio professionals, field trip(s), etc.).

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