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  • This course teaches basic u-IT(Ubiquitous Information Technology)s and their applications for making and operating smart buildings, facilities and various forms of urban infrastructures. Elements, systems, technologies, services and examples of u-spaces will be discussed along with the team project for making a creative u-system.

    This course teaches u-IT(Ubiquitous Information Technology) applications for constructing and operating architectural or urban spaces such as roads, bridges, parks, streets, houses, offices and schools. Elements, technologies, and examples of u-cities and u-spaces will be discussed.
  • This course focuses on basic IT technologies for civil engineers. Basic electronics, communication systems, various smart sensors will be studied and the students can apply this knowledge to structural health monitoring and control. Robotic manipulator and mobile robot will be briefly introduced along with the soft computing and intelligent control techniques.

  • Mechanics of Materials and Structural Analysis are fundamental courses for structural engineers. The objective of this “Introduction to Structural Engineering” course is (1) to let students apply principles introduced in these courses to actual structural systems, (2) to have students learn and appreciate the significances of structural engineering theories through hands-on experiments, and (3) to improve their presentation skills. The course will be composed of a series of lectures followed by weekly experiments, student presentations, and a final term project. 
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