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  • 본 과목은 협상과 갈등관리의 최신 기법 , 사례를 강의와 시뮬레이션을 통해 습득하게 하며 , 제 3 자의 개입을 통해 원만한 합의에 이르는 기법으로 최근 각광받고 있는 조정의 중요성과 그 기법에 대해 심도 있는 이해를 가능하게 하는 것을 목표로 설계되었다 .

    This course is designed to provide fundamental skill set required for business negotiation and conflict management through lectures and case simulations. It will also provide basic understanding on mediation and facilitate students to apply knowledge they acquire throughout the course to real life business situations.

  • This course introduces an interdisciplinary engineering approach to the subject of financial issues. Although it is an introduction that builds the foundation for finance issues, it is designed to provide a deep conceptual understanding of the instrument, the market, and the risk of financial securities. Students are expected to develop analytical ability and abstracting skills to identify problems in finance and develop solutions. It utilizes logic processing tools such as mathematics and some computational tools such as the Excel.

  • 고도화되는 고객의 욕구 및 급변하는 트랜드에 적극 대응하여 제품과 서비스의 질적 수준을 획기적으로 향상시킴으로써 고객의 만족과 조직의 경쟁력을 제고하는 데 지름길이 되는 브랜드와 디자인 경영의 전략적 활용에 관한 이론과 실제를 강의, 사례연구, 토론 등을 통해 학습합니다.

    To study theories and practical knowledge for enhancing the customer satisfaction and competitiveness of organizations by upgrading the quality of products and services through strategic use of brand and design management in order to cope with needs, wants and desires of customers as well as ever-changing trends
  • This course explores the issues and challenges arising at the interface of science and technology and policy from various perspectives. Key to this investigation is the effort to understand the complexities and dynamics in designing and governing the institutions and process of science and technology development. Equal emphasis is placed upon uncertainties and contingencies characterizing the political, economic, social and cultural impacts and consequences of scientific advances and technological innovations. As the studies of science and technology policy (STP) are inherently interdisciplinary, this course will introduce theories and arguments spanning multiple disciplines and encourage students to form an integrated framework of their own making the best use of such diversities of perspectives and experiences in regard to STP.

  • 환경정책(Environmental Policy)

    < 1.5학점 / 선택 >

    국제적 차원에서 본 환경정책발전사. 선진국, 특히 미국의 환경주의 및 정책의 역사적 흐름과 현황. 발전대상국가, 특히 중국과의 갈등을 조명하여 본다.

    A historical introduction to the development of environmental policy seen from an international perspective. The course looks at long-term patterns and recent trends in the environmental movement and policy in developed countries, especially in the United States, and their confrontations with developing countries like China over environmental issues.

  • 첨단기술 BT(BioTechnology)

    < 1.5학점 / 전공필수 >

    학생들은 대표적인 첨단 바이오(메디칼)테크놀로지들의 서베이를 통해 이 기술분야에 관한 최신지견과 이해를 갖출 수 있게 된다. 이러한 지견과 이해는 학생들이 추후에 다방면에서 바이오(메디칼)테크놀로지와 관련된 일을 하는 경우에 이 기술 분야에 관한 통찰력을 가지고 접근할 수 있게 할 것이다.

    This Biotechnology Course intends to provide surveys through which students can acquire the up-to-date knowledge and understanding on bio-medical technologies. Based on such knowledge and understanding, students can get insights on how to deal with those technologies in various lines of their work on the future.

  • 2학년 가을학기 논문연구 및 졸업 프로젝트 관련 포럼입니다. 공통된 공지 내용 및 질문/답변을 나눕니다.
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