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2011 Spring Moodle course category for Biological Sciences.

  • 1. Instructor: Prof. Byung-Ha Oh
    KAIST Institute 4th floor; Tel. 042-350-2648; E-mail:

    2. Lecture: Tue and Thu (14:30~15:45 am); BMRC (E7 Bldg), Room 2111

    3. Text: Textbook of Structural Biology (Anders Liljas, Lars Liljas)

    4. Grading: Midterm exam 30%, Final exam 30%, Participation and Homework 40%
  • Course description: This comprehensive lecture-based course is intended to bring upper-level undergraduate students and graduate students to the understanding of fundamental concepts of immunology. Topics will include the recognition of antigens, the development and activation of the immune system, the effector mechanisms of the immune response, and the immune system in defense and disease. Lectures in each topic will be supported by reading and discussing primary literature. Background in cell and molecular biology, genetics, and biochemistry is strongly recommended.

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